Consultation 2017 Outputs

Consultation outputs

Thank you to everyone who attended a consultation meeting and for your valuable contributions. The research challenges identified at the consultation meetings are linked below.

Academic Consultations

Theme Date Location
Biomass Resources 27th September 2017 Oxford
Bioenergy Systems 9th October 2017 Edinburgh
Biomass Pre-treatment 26th October 2017 Hillsborough, NI
Bioenergy Vectors 6th November 2017 Drax, Selby
Biomass Conversion 16th November 2017 Cardiff

Industrial Consultations

Theme Date Location
Fungible Hydrocarbons for Aviation & Shipping 25th September 2017 York
BECCS & Hydrogen 26th September 2017 London
Waste, Heat & Power 3rd October 2017 Manchester

Other Consultations

ETI Energy Modelling