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Climate change is being caused by using up the carbon in fossil fuels like oil and coal, and not putting anything back. This means that the carbon is going up into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and methane gas, forming a blanket that causes our planet to warm.

To reduce our emissions, and in particular carbon, one method is to use Bioenergy. Bioenergy means using renewable sources of carbon to make energy, fuels and chemicals.

This provides a pathway to transition from fossil fuels and allows us to not upset the carbon balance.


Biomass is renewable organic material that comes from plants and animals. And plants produce this material by absorbing CO2 via photosynthesis. 

It’s our ONLY renewable source of carbon

It comes in many forms – wood, grasses, food waste, sea weed. They all have different properties which also brings its own challenges.

So how can we use the biomass?

We can use it for heating, electricity, chemicals, car fuel, plane fuel, truck fuel, cooking, factories and more.

This is what our team at the Supergen Bioenergy Hub are researching and working on, and you can find out more on our research pages here.


A graphic introduction to bioenergy

This graphic novel covers what bioenergy is, why we should use it, what people worried are about when we talk about bioenergy and how to ensure a future with bioenergy will be sustainable.

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Bioenergy app

Click the link below to visit Supergen Bioenergy Hub’s interactive research app. Explore our research, learn about bioenergy, and prepare for a renewable future.

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Spin the coloured circles to build your pathway

Find out more about the variety of biomass resources we can convert into useful bioenergy and bioproducts, while taking into account the impact on climate, nature, jobs and cost.


Watch our new short video explainer on carbon balance and bioenergy as an alternative energy source for a low carbon-future!


Globally, about 70% of renewable energy is supplied by biomass.

Research by the Supergen Bioenergy Hub shows that modern bioenergy can contribute significantly to climate change mitigation by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the energy and transport sectors, in addition to providing wider environmental, economic and social benefits.

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