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31 March 2022: Researchers’ Day save the date, SHARE visit to Aberystwyth, new bioeconomy sustainability model, and more

28 February 2022: UK-Brazil agri-sustainability talks, UK-India deep dive sessions, SHARE ECR Aberystwyth event, and more

31 January 2022: UK-India bioenergy scoping project, Director appointed to DfT Scientific Advisory Council, policy engagement opportunities, and more


21 December 2021: Save the date for Annual Assembly 2022, land use workshop, net zero governance webinar and more

29 November 2021: Net zero governance consultation and blog, post-COP26 mop-up, and much more

29 October 2021: COP26, new bioenergy app, new funding, new publications, and more

30 September 2021: Resources from Supergen Net Zero Conference, new report on marginal lands and more

30 July 2021: Biomass for net zero, new reports and more

30 June 2021: Supergen Net Zero Conference, ECR training and more

28 May 2021: Climate Exp0 highlights, flexible funding and more

30 April 2021: Researchers’ Day Meeting, secondments and more

31 March 2021: Call for abstracts, secondments, new research report and more

26 February 2021: Decarbonising maritime, secondment opportunities and more

29 January 2021: Flexible Funding Awards, SHARE committee and more


3 December 2020: New reports on sustainability and fuel standards, assembly roundup and more

3 November 2020: Register for the Hub Annual Assembly and more

30 September 2020: Flexible funding, fellowship opportunities and more

27 August 2020: Annual assembly, flexible funding webinars, fellowship opportunities and more

30 July 2020: Rice straw biogas project, new research papers, joint webinar on catalysis, and more

30 June 2020: GHG emissions webinar resources, help build our Bioenergy App, new bioenergy videos, and more

28 May 2020: Briefing and research papers, webinars on low-carbon gases and GHG emissions, and more

27 April 2020: UK Climate Assembly, new papers and briefings, work for the Hub, and more

17 March 2020: New reports on gasification and BECCS, Researchers’ Day save the date, jobs, funding and more

3 February 2020: Practical process engineering CPD course, CCC land use report, decarbonisation ideas factory, and more


20 December 2019: Season’s greetings from Supergen Bioenergy Hub

25 November 2019: Update from ‘Building a sustainable European biofuel industry’ conference

30 October 2019: New blogs, waste gasification workshop, fellowship funding, and more

30 September 2019: New decarbonising transport networks, funding for greenhouse gas removal demonstrators, and more

5 September 2019: REA Bioenergy Strategy launch, updated programme for biofuels conference, fellowship funding, and more

25 July 2019: Industry feedback request, PhD studentships, rapid response funding interim deadline, and more

5 July 2019: Join Supergen Bioenergy Hub, call for abstracts, Engineering Census, and more

18 June 2019: Supergen parliamentary launch event, new SHARE Chairs, call for reviewers, and more

29 May 2019: News, funding and events from Supergen Bioenergy Hub and partners

26 April 2019: News, funding and events from Supergen Bioenergy Hub and partners

1 April 2019: News and events from Supergen Bioenergy Hub and partners

29 March 2019: SHARE meeting and Researchers’ Day, 15-16 May, Glasgow – funding available!

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