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  • 16 November 2022
  • More trees, less climate change? 

    From a young age, we are taught that trees produce the oxygen we need for life on Earth and take away the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We hear about the Amazon Rainforest being the “lungs of the Earth”. We are also told that trees are part of the solution to tackling the climate crisis. But what does that mean for our trees and forests in the future?


  • 21 September 2022
  • UK Miscanthus Growers in Profile

    ‘Expanding the Miscanthus market in the United Kingdom (UK): Growers in profile and experience, benefits and drawbacks of the bioenergy crop‘ is a new journal article authored by Rebecca von Hellfeld, Aberdeen University, Supergen Bioenergy Hub experts Anita Shepherd and Astley Hastings, University of Aberdeen,  Iain Donnison, Aberystwyth University, and Rebecca Rowe, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; and Jason Kam, Terravesta.


  • 06 September 2022
  • Director delivers open lecture for the Fuel and Energy Research Forum

    Director of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub, Professor Patricia Thornley was invited to deliver the 3rd Clean Energy Science Lecture for the Fuel and Energy Research Forum   (TFERF) on 6 September at Conference Aston in Birmingham. This took place alongside the Supergen Bioenergy Hub Showcase Event from 6-8 September.

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