1st International Biomass Emissions Conference

The 1st International Biomass Emissions Conference took place on Monday 14th – Tuesday 15th of September 2015 in Leeds, UK. The theme of the conference was to understand the formation and consequences of biomass generated emissions. Bioenergy is the most important renewable energy source globally, providing over 10% of the world’s primary energy, of which modern biomass contributes 38%. Sustainably-sourced bioenergy has the potential to make a major contribution to low carbon pathways in the UK and globally. This conference is intended to stimulate discussions on the forefront of research in energy technology and will focus on a range of related topics from legislation and air quality, to the influence of feedstock parameters and emissions mitigation.

The conference included plenary, oral presentations and poster presentations. The aim was to to further enhance communications between scientists and engineers from both academic institutions and industrial companies, and to foster new and substantial collaborations.


Monday 14 September 2015


1st International Biomass Emissions Conference opening address

Amanda Lea-Langton, University of Leeds

Plenary Speaker
Evaluating the suitability of alternative fuels to meet regulatory emissions

Connie Ellul, EDF Energy

SO2/NOx emissions reduction by utilising woody biomass to upgrade poor quality Pakistani coal in a pilot scale bubbling fluidised bed combustor (BFBC)

Stephen Chilton Presentation Leeds_Chilton

Urban air pollution from wood burning in the UK

Gary Fuller, Kings College London 

Biomass fuels; is there a need for profiling?

Greg Forbes, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Northern Ireland Presentation Leeds_Forbes

The importance of point source emissions in bioenergy system evaluation

Patricia Thornley Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester

Combustion emissions of particulates and the contribution from solid fuel and biomass burning

Gordon McFiggans, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Manchester University

The potential impacts of small to medium biomass combustion plant on local air quality

Alison Tomlin, Energy Research Institute, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds

Do combustion aerosol emissions trigger ice formation in clouds?

Ben Murray, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

Carbon balance of bioenergy systems based on physical carbon flows

Josef Spitzer, JS Consulting, Austria Presentation Leeds_Spitzer

In a circular economy how does Fashion impact emissions?

George Stammers, Veolia UK

The impact of pressing and co firing with biochar and woodchip on the emissions profile of Juncus effuses generated during conservation management

John Corton, Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University, Wales

Greenhouse gas emissions from wood chip storage piles

Carly Whittaker, Rothamstead Research


Tuesday 15 September 2015


Introduction  PACT facility overview

Bill Nimmo

Small Scale Biomass Combustion – equally courted and denounced

Jes Sig Anderson Danish Technological Institute, Denmark Presentation Leeds_Andersen

Investigation of wood burner emissions from eight studies in New Zealand

Guy Coulson, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand Presentation Leeds_Coulsen

Cost-efficient reduction of population exposure to primary PM2.5 from residential wood combustion in Finland

Mikko Savolahti,Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finland  

Burning questions – what do measurements tell us about biomass burning in the European urban areas?

Paul Monks, Leicester University Presentation Leeds_Andrews

Particulate emissions from a 350 kw wood pellet heater

Gordon Andrews, Energy Research Institute, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds  Presentation Leeds_Andrews

Biomass soot combustion and its formation mechanism

Farooq Atiku, Energy Research Institute, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds 

Single particle and nitrogen partitioning studies for fuel flexibility in power stations

Juan Riaza. School of Engineering,University of Edinburgh Presentation leeds_jriaza

Understanding solid-gaseous phase transition of elemental contaminants during the gasification of biomass harvested from contaminated land

Jiang Ying, Centre for Bioenergy & Resource Management, Cranfield University Presentation Leeds_Jiang

Potassium release patterns during the combustion of solid biomass fuels

Patrick Mason, Energy Research Institute, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds Presentation Leeds_Mason

Combustion of biomass pellet in a fluidized bed reactor

Farook Sher, Faculty of Engineering, Nottingham University Presentation Leeds_Sher

Sustainable UK bioenergy: Minimising risk and maximising potential

James Beard, WWF  Presentation Leeds_Beard_

The impact of emissions from residential combustion on atmospheric aerosol, human health and climate

Edward Butt,  School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds  Presentation leeds_Butt

Quantifying the impacts of solid fuel combustion on ambient air quality

Luke Conibear CDT Bioenergy, University of Leeds Presentation Leeds_Conibear

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