Mapping of UK bioenergy stakeholder expertise

The challenge

Establish a database of active research institutes and groups across the UK to improve research collaboration and identify important research gaps.

Benefits for UK participants:

  • Short-term: Public dissemination of your research activities & facilities for future collaboration.
  • Long- term: To support your future funding opportunities by identifying researchers and bioenergy stakeholders in the UK.

Research activities involved in the study:

  • Bioenergy and the environment
  • Biomass and waste
  • Biomass pre-processing technologies
  • Primary conversion engineering
  • Energy vectors: products from biomass
  • System modelling and analysis
  • Technology demonstration & integration

What we would like you to do?

Answer some key questions on behalf of your organisation. They should be addressed by Head of research groups or someone on their behalf that knows what research activities are going on.


The exercise is open to every group in the UK involved in bioenergy. Last responses should be sent before the end of April 2017.


A final report will be completed in summer 2017.

Who should you contact for more information and to take part?

Contact Natalia Gomez:



You can downloaded the results so far here: Mapping exercise – Preliminary results .


Cited document attached as:

Gomez N., Wylde E. and Bridgwater AV. (2017). Mapping of UK bioenergy stakeholder expertise, -Preliminary results-. SUPERGEN Bioenergy reports. 

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