Balancing Growing Global Bioenergy Resource Demands – Brazil’s Biomass Potential and the Availability of Resource for Trade

A new paper by SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub researcher Andrew Welfle has been published in Biomass & Bioenergy Journal. This provides analysis of the growing global demand for biomass resource for the bioenergy sector, and identifies the key trade routes for different categories of bioenergy feedstock. New analysis is presented that provides an assessment of Brazil’s biomass availability and potential resource contribution to the global trade markets. A key research conclusion is confirmation of Brazil’s status as a ‘bioenergy giant’, but also a potential caution for countries increasingly reliant on biomass imports –  there may be less resource available than expected if countries such as Brazil were to adopt strategies for using  greater proportions of their available biomass to balance domestic demands.

The paper is now available online:

You can find a short summary of the paper by clicking on the following link: Balancing Bioenergy’s Growing Global Resource Demands

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