Bioenergy in the UK – Prospects and Future R&D Needs

Bioenergy in the UK – Prospects and Future R&D Needs

Wednesday 25th February 2015

2.00pm to 3.30pm

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School Yards, Edinburgh EH1 1LZ

‌Hub director Dr Patricia Thornley is presenting at a ClimateXchange event held at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation on Wednesday the 25th of February.

ClimateXChange is Scotland’s Centre of Expertise on Climate Change. The virtual centre with members across sixteen of Scotland’s leading research and higher education institutions delivers objective, independent, integrated and authoritative evidence to clearly specified policy issues. This supports the Scottish Government’s policy development on building resilience to climate change, reducing emissions and in Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Abstract: Climate change is increasingly acknowledged as the biggest threat that human civilisation has yet faced and so there is rightly a focus on developing low carbon alternatives to traditional fossil fuel based energy sources. One option that avoids issues of intermittency isbioenergy: obtaining heat, electricity or transport fuel from biomass (plants, trees etc.). This can deliver energy that is renewable, low-carbon and sustainable. However, we need to ensure that the biomass feedstocks used are sustainable, that we use them efficiently and deliver energy in the most appropriate form. This presentation will consider: the extent of the UK’s sustainable biomass resource, the sustainability of imports; the available conversion technologies, associated environmental impacts and how bioenergy could fit within the existing UK energy infrastructure.  Policy frameworks which support and regulate bioenergy deployment will be outlined along with the future research and development needs that will support sustainable bioenergy development in the UK and overseas.

To register for the event please click here.

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