Biomass and Energy Crops V (October 2015)

Identifying the most appropriate uses of biomass to ensure delivery of the greatest benefit is a key objective of current research. This requires evaluation of biomass and energy crops, conversion technologies, use of by-products and the development of integrated management systems. This research complements efforts to ensure biomass products remain competitive in a volatile market.
As attention increasingly shifts towards deployment of biomass in Europe, the Biomass and Energy Crops V conference provides a timely opportunity to exchange ideas and foster closer collaboration and mutual understanding to identify how we can most effectively use biomass as one means of reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The conference provides an ideal forum for stakeholders to meet and discuss future research.
The conference is being scheduled to coincide with the conclusion of two EU funded Framework 7 projects. Rokwood is focused on the future policy framework, R&D projects and international co-operation for short rotation woody crops. LogistEC aims to develop new or improved logistics and supply chain technologies. The Biomass and Energy Crops V conference is also being supported by the SUPERGEN Bioenergy hub.
The key themes with associated topics will be:
Agronomy, crop selection, breeding, multifunctionality, land and water use, ecosystem services and impacts.
Supply Chain and Logistics
Storage and drying, processing, development of equipment, transport, densification, temporal and spatial considerations.
Conversion and Utilisation
Feedstock composition and quality, conversion plant performance and emissions, product diversification.
A final platform session will bring together aspects of the three sessions in order to explore whole system and lifecycle analyses, carbon balance, sustainability, social context and economics.
Invited speakers include Tim Volk and Gustaf Melin.
Deadline for abstracts: 8 May 2015
Abstracts of papers can be submitted by mailing or faxing the attached sheet to the AAB Office, or via

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