COP27 – Together for Implementation

COP27 has been hosted by the Egyptian presidency from 6 – 18 November 2022 and follows on from COP26 held in Glasgow last year held by the UK Presidency.

The outcome of COP26 was the Glasgow Climate Pact, an approved text involving 200 countries reflecting the interests and compromises sought across the globe on key topics around climate change including the reaffirmation of the Paris Agreement goal of limiting the global average temperature to 1.5 degrees, moving away from fossil fuels and stronger national action plans on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Director, Patricia Thornley gives her thoughts from COP26 one year on:

“One year on from COP26 it feels like not a lot has changed on the emissions front. The public response to recent prices in petrol and natural gas highlights the extent to which the UK remains indebted to fossil fuel supply and the vulnerability for our industries and also our citizens.

Despite that, responses to the energy crisis in which we find ourselves has been mixed. Initiatives by government (via BEIS and Innovate UK) to stimulate advanced technologies by funding feasibility studies for hydrogen from Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and other technologies are very welcome and provide a promising pipeline of future technology interventions.”

You can download the full COP26-Presidency-Outcomes-The-Climate-Pact and revisit all our COP26 activities on our dedicated webpage.

COP27 Together for Implementation

For COP27 the vision of the presidency is to move from negotiations and planning to implementation, building on the Glasgow’s momentum and accelerate climate action.

Over 40,000 attendees joined the events in Egypt including the world leader’s summit, thematic days and flagship initiatives. The main outcome of COP27 is the decision to create a loss and damage fund for developing countries. Read the full COP27 Implementation Plan.

Supergen Bioenergy Hub shared a range of outputs related to the thematic days across COP27:

  • Science DayListen here to our Director Patricia Thornley explain the science of bioenergy and different types of biomass in the NetHero Podcast by Future Net Zero.
  • Youth & Future Generations Day– visit our Global Bioenergy Stories webpage to find out how we are engaging future generations in the UK and across the globe, empowering young people to share their ideas for a sustainable energy future.
  • Decarbonisation Day – Biomass to energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is a critically important technology for decarbonisation. Download paper by Hub experts Dan Taylor and Patricia Thornley on the research and innovation needs of BECCS
  • Adaption and Agriculture Day – Read report on Land-use decision making for biomass deployment written by hub experts and informed by participant views gathered at Land-use workshop organised by the Supergen Bioenergy Hub.
  • Energy DayOn Energy Day, read Aston University press release on thoughts from our Director Patricia Thornley highlighting COP27 should be turning point to switch from heating homes with fossil fuels.
  • Biodiversity DayMore trees, less climate change? Take a look at our latest blog written by Dan Taylor, Aston University as he discusses the value of our trees and forests in tackling the climate crisis.


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