EERA Bioenergy workshop – Tuesday 2nd of February

EERA Bioenergy – Your partner in advanced bioenergy research

170 Queen’s Gate, Imperial College, London SW7 5HF

Tuesday 2nd February, 10:00-16.30

This event is sponsored by the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub


  • Are you developing industrial applications for bioenergy?
  • Do you want to learn more about the opportunities available for you at leading research infrastructures in Europe?

This event is promoted by EERA Bioenergy (, the Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA AISBL) in the field of Bioenergy. The EERA Bioenergy Joint Programme currently consists of 37 members, including leading institutes, universities and organisations in the field of bioenergy research from 16 European countries.

The overall objective of EERA Bioenergy is to align research activities at EU and international levels to give a technical-scientific basis to the further development of advanced bioenergy routes and to boost the possibilities for involvement with related industrial entities, in order to jointly contribute to the acceleration of the objectives of the Set Plan. This includes high efficiency and decarbonized energy technology deployment in the EU in an integrated, efficient and relevant way. Furthermore, the EERA Bioenergy Joint Programme also addresses the requirements for bioenergy to be produced hand- in- hand with bioproducts within biorefinery concepts.

This event is relevant for industrial partners in the field of bioenergy and biofuels. It aims to give the industrial entities a view of the current activities, research capacities and relevant infrastructures available for bioenergy advanced research and technology development in EERA Bioenergy, while sharing information on RTD interests, and exploring the possibilities for collaboration.

At the same time, all companies participating in the workshop will be invited to make a short presentation on their activities and interests in bioenergy and biofuels.

The workshop will include an outline of the objectives of the Joint Programme and current activities within the different EERA Bioenergy Sub Programmes including Thermochemical, Biochemical, Algae Based Biofuels, Sustainable Biomass Resources and Stationary Bioenergy. The event will be concluded by an open discussion regarding opportunities for collaboration with all attendees.

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