Energy from Biomass Combustion (Monday 11th -Wednesday 13th January 2016)

Faculty of Engineering – University of Leeds

The 2016 course has been developed to create a new 3 day programme that will give delegates a comprehensive overview of energy from biomass combustion.

Biomass is a key element in government plans to increase renewable energy sources and reduce greenhouse gases. It is unique as a renewable fuel since it can contribute to all three energy sectors – electricity, heat and transport fuels. This course focuses mainly on biomass for electricity and heat. In the UK, imported white wood pellets are a major fuel, but energy crops, such as short rotation willow coppice and Miscanthus, as well as forestry residues, agricultural residue and waste woods, all find use in the production of electricity and heat. Bioenergy has environmental and economic impacts. This course looks at fuel supply options and the emissions implications. The use of biomass for energy production has several associated technical, environmental and socioeconomic challenges. Some of these, particularly the technical challenges, will be addressed in this course.

The topics will also provide a sound understanding of the fundamentals and practicalities of:-

– Basics of solid biomass combustion
– Dedicated Biomass Installations
– Solid biomass for electricity generation
– Biogas and landfill gas for process heat and power generation
– Sustainability and Safety for Biomass
– Storage of Biomass and regulations for biomass plant

For more information, please click here.

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