Event: Renewable Heat – the Role of Bioenergy (5th of May)

Thursday 5th of May


 All Energy 2016, Glasgow


In addition to the hub stand, we will also be running an event at All Energy:


Renewable Heat – the role of bioenergy

Can the UK really deliver a significant proportion of its heat from bioenergy?  Is there enough biomass? Will it really help meet greenhouse gas reduction targets? How can air quality impacts be managed?  Are policy mechanisms in place to support the transition and what is the practical experience of implementing these systems? 

Heat is often regarded as a tough sector to decarbonise. The high flexibility provided by bioenergy in providing multiple low carbon heat generation pathways, means that bioenergy will likely play an increasingly important role in the UK heat sector. This session will allow participants to hear from SUPERGEN Bioenergy hub experts and includes a Q&A session on implementation of sustainable biomass heating systems.

  Presenter:  Patricia Thornley

Topic: Bioheat policy

Review of UK policy framework to deliver biomass heating and steps needed to accelerate implementation.

  Presenter:  Andrew Welfle

Topic: Resource availability

How much sustainable biomass will the UK have to sustain a the future renewable heat sector where does it come from and what form is it in?

 Mirjam Roeder Presenter: Mirjam Roeder

Topic: Greenhouse Gas balances

Can bioenergy heating really reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the UK meeting its carbon reduction targets.

 Eddy Mitchell Presenter: Edward Mitchell

Topic: Emissions

What are the key air quality impacts associated with biomass combustion and how can they be controlled?

 ‌ Presenter: Gunter Woltron

Topic: Practical Implementation

What types and scales of technologies can be used to deliver bioheating and what have we learnt from practical implementation to date?

All Energy is free to attend but you have to register. Please visit http://www.all-energy.co.uk/ for more details.

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