Flexible Funding Webinar Series dives into marine feedstocks and algae

The final session in our Flexible Funding Webinar Series took place on 28 Sep 2020 between 14:00-15:30 BST and explored priorities for a call around algae and marine feedstocks.

The webinar included presentations from several speakers that covered topics such as macro and micro algae, seaweed bioenergy and biorefining marine plants. The webinar was held in support of our call for proposals for two Flexible Funding Projects worth £100,000 launching at the start of October.

The full schedule for the webinar is below and a recording is available on YouTube. If you have any questions, please contact Emma Wylde (Project Manager).


14.00 –Intro to the Hub and themes – Patricia Thornley (Aston University, Supergen Bioenergy Hub)

14.10 – Algae and resources within the Hub – Iain Donnison (Aberystwyth University, Supergen Bioenergy Hub)

14.15 – Flexible Funding Challenge Call – Emma Wylde (Supergen Bioenergy Hub)

14.25 – A brief introduction to seaweed bioenergy – Michele Stanley (Scottish Association for Marine Science)

14.35 – Microalgae Feedstocks – Pat Harvey (University of Greenwich)

14.45 – Biorefining of seaweeds and marine plants for fuels and products – Jessica Adams (Aberystwyth University)

14.55 – Challenges towards microalgal biorefineries – Ian Watson (University of Glasgow)

15.00 – Macro Algae Thermal Conversion to Marine Fuels – Miloud Ouadi (University of Birmingham)

15.05 – Round Table of ideas for this call; General Q & A

15.30 – Close

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