Hydrogen from biomass workshop

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub is running an expert workshop on biomass-derived hydrogen on Thursday 26 May (10am-12.30pm, online).

We will present the information we have gathered for our upcoming policy briefing on this topic, and will be inviting expert feedback and discussion. There will then be a round table discussion focusing on a number of key topics, including evidence gaps; how bio-derived hydrogen could and should sit within the future hydrogen economy; and technical, economic, societal and environmental barriers and how they could be overcome.

We will have representatives from policy, industry and academia with expertise in hydrogen, including those with expertise in biomass for hydrogen production and those from the wider hydrogen community.

You can register your interest in attending this workshop by emailing Joanna Sparks at j.sparks@aston.ac.uk. Please be aware that, in order to enable constructive discussion, places at the event are limited and registering your interest will not guarantee you a place.


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