Launch of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub 2023

14 November, 10.30am-5pm, followed by drinks reception
Aston University, Birmingham

The next four-year term of the UKRI-funded Supergen Bioenergy Hub will begin in November 2023. The focus of the hub’s work will be on achieving impact. We invite all academics, industrialists, policymakers and the third sector working or interested in biomass and bioenergy to join us at our launch event.

The agenda will cover our focus on impact, our wide range of research projects, partnership and funding opportunities, and stakeholder feedback and engagement.

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10:00 Arrival and registration

Session 1: Maximising bioenergy impact – chaired by Mirjam Roeder

10:30 Patricia Thornley, Aston University

Enabling delivery of bioenergy and bioproducts

Project: Indirect land-use change: Myth or reality?

10:45 Jason Hallett, Imperial

Technology development perspectives

Project: Platform chemicals from ionoSolv biomass fractionation: what might be easy and what might be possible?

11:00 Helen Sneddon, University of York

Diffusion perspectives

Project: Bio-based and biodegradable monomers for short-lifetime products

11:15 Joanna Sparks, Aston University

Implications of the UK Biomass Strategy

11:25 Break

Session 2: Advanced technologies for bioenergy – chaired by Patricia Thornley

11:40 Michael Short, University of Surrey

Rapid digitalisation of bioenergy for higher efficiency and profit

11:50 Paula Blanco-Sanchez, Aston University

Gasification for negative emissions

12:00 Jun Li, Strathclyde University

Two-stage electrolysis of biowaste

12:10 Manosh Paul, University of Glasgow

Negative emissions from waste and hydrogen-BECCUS

12:20 Ruoyang Yuan, University of Sheffield

rDME production and utilisation for off-grid energy

12:30 Spiridon Siouris, University of Sheffield

Advancing bio-derived sustainable aviation fuels

12:40 Lunch

Session 3: Cross-cutting projects – chaired by Jason Hallett

13:40 Rob Holland, University of Southampton

Scaling up feedstock production

13:50 Ian Watson, University of Glasgow

Improving scale-up efficiency and deployment speed for biorefineries

14:00 Mirjam Roeder, Aston University

Maximising sustainability trade-offs of bioenergy deployment and scale-up to enable innovation, economic growth and societal benefits

Session 4: Opportunities to engage – chaired by Catriona Heaton, Rebecca Fothergill and Joanna Sparks

14:10 Catriona Heaton, Rebecca Fothergill and Joanna Sparks

Engaging with academia, industry, policy, professionals and the public

14:20 Mirjam Roeder, Aston University; Paula Blanco-Sanchez, Aston University; Zoe Harris, University of Surrey; and Sonia Heaven, University of Southampton

International engagement opportunities

14:35 SHARE Committee

Opportunities for early career researchers

14:45 Rebecca Rowe, UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Novel crops – presentation of findings from industry workshop

15:00 Catriona Heaton, Rebecca Fothergill and Joanna Sparks

Stakeholder mapping activity

15:30 Break

Session 5: Stakeholder feedback session – chaired by Patricia Thornley

15:45 Gerard Davies, EPSRC

Funder’s perspective and funding opportunities

15:55 Feedback session 1: Projects

Viewing and discussion of project posters with post-it note comments

16:25 Industry panel: Poppy Airey, REA; Becky Wheeler, Future Biogas; Alan Beesley, Alps Ecoscience

Industry perspective – opportunities and gaps

16:40 Feedback session 2: General

Feedback and stakeholder perspectives via Mentimeter

16:55 Patricia Thornley, Aston University

Closing remarks

17:00 Drinks reception

18:00 Close


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