New Paper: Uncertainties and temporal challenges of bioenergy systems

Mirjam Röder and Patricia Thornley have published an article on uncertainties and temporal aspects of emissions from bioenergy systems in the Journal Energy, Sustainability and Society.

The article “Bioenergy as Climate Change Mitigation Option within a 2°C Target – Uncertainties and Temporal Challenges of Bioenergy Systems” discusses the challenges and necessity of greenhouse gas reduction potential of bioenergy systems and its relevance for a global 450 ppm CO2e stabilisation target. It shows the variety of challenges and complexity of the problem by reflecting on current evaluation methods of emissions and impacts from bioenergy systems. The authors argue that a rethinking of currently common and often static approaches is necessary, considering specific characteristics, context and feedbacks of the investigated bioenergy system. This will allow identifying if a bioenergy system will deliver the required emission saving in the appropriate timeframe or not. Read the full open access article here.

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