Reflections: The Supergen Bioenergy Hub Biomass Strategy Event

On 28 September the Supergen Bioenergy Hub hosted a workshop bringing together stakeholders from across academia, industry and policy to discuss the UK Government’s Biomass Strategy and the implications for biomass research.

Led by Joanna Sparks, Policy Fellow for the Supergen Bioenergy Hub, the event welcomed over 60 delegates including representatives of four different government Departments. The day was split into a morning session, aimed at industry stakeholders, and an afternoon session aimed at academics. Each started with an overview of the Biomass Strategy, followed by interactive sessions which provided an opportunity for attendees to feed in their perspectives.

Delegates were invited to share their views on the strategy in facilitated group discussions and reflect on what it means for their community, and where further research is most needed. Many highlighted the strategy’s focus on sustainability as very positive and important for the sector moving forward. Discussions highlighted a number of missed opportunities and key areas for further research, and these will be communicated in a write up of the event we are currently compiling based on all the input collected.

Thank you to all delegates who attended for your insights. The Supergen Bioenergy Hub looks forward to continuing to engage with policymakers and the stakeholder community to support the delivery of sustainable biomass systems moving forward.

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