SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly 2014 – Timetable

Conference registration has now closed. However, there will be a live stream on this website on the day of the event.

The SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual assembly is a one-day event which will bring together industrialists, academics and stakeholders to share experiences on the key challenges associated with implementing sustainable bioenergy systems. The UK had made significant progress in bioenergy research, development and deployment in recent years. However, many significant challenges remain.

At this one day event, there will be opportunities for industrialists to make relevant connections with those leading key bioenergy research areas in academia, for academics to gain understanding of the commercial challenges facing developers and for policy stakeholders to obtain the most up-to-date information on current knowledge and deployment.

If you would like to attend the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual assembly, please click here. Please note, the closing date for this event is 20th October 2014.

The timetable for the event is as follows:

Registration (with coffee) starts at 9:45am


An overview of the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub

Patricia Thornley, SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Director

Session 1: Biomass feedstocks (10:30 – 11:45)


Promoting policy development and an EU Action Plan for the Woody Energy Crops Sector

Kevin Lindegaard, Crops for Energy


An EU Funded Project to Encourage the Use of Short Rotation Coppice Willow for Bioremediation

Chris Johnston, AFBI (NI)


Dry matter losses and greenhouse gas emissions from woodchip piles

Carly Whittaker, Rothamsted Research


Waste wood supply (and operational flexibility)

George Stammers, Dalkia


Questions & answers for Biomass feedstock session
11:45 – 12:00 Tea/coffee
Session 2: Bioenergy systems (12:00 – 13:30)


Modelling bioenergy systems

Nilay Shah, Imperial College London


Real time control of gasifiers to increase tolerance to biomass variety and reduce emissions

Ian Watson, The University of Glasgow


The BIO-CAP Programme: Impacts of biomass feedstock properties on air/oxy combustion with carbon capture

Karen Finney, University of Leeds


Combustion of biogas

Marc Fischer, Lancaster University


Integrating Intermediate pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion of biomass

Tony Bridgwater, Aston University


Questions & answers for Bioenergy systems session
13.30 – 14:30 LUNCH
Session 3: Conversion and upgrading (14:30-15:55)


CFD Simulation of Catalytic Upgrading of Pyrolysis Vapour in FCC Riser

Sai Gu, Cranfield University


Photocatalytic bioethanol production as future green energy solution

Aakash Welgamage, Robert Gordon


Plasma catalytic gas cleaning for syngas from waste

Paul Williams, University of Leeds


Heating with wood – obstacles and drivers

Jers Sig Andersen, Danish Technologisk Institut


Abatement of Smoke Emissions from Domestic Stove Combustion using a Novel Plasma Device

Edward Mitchell, University of Leeds


Questions & answers for Conversion and upgrading session
15.55 – 16:10 Tea/Coffee
Session 4: Wider Issues in Bioenergy (16:10 – 18:00)


Evaluating the GHG Impact of Bioenergy Systems using the DECC BEAC Calculator

Andrew Welfle, University of Manchester


MAGLUE – Measurement and analysis of bioenergy greenhouse gases: integrating GHGs into LCAs and the UK Value Chain Modelling environment

Jeanette Whitaker, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Lancaster


Research gaps for UK bioenergy feedstocks identified by a Rapid Evidence Assessment

Susan O’ Brien, Ricardo-AEA


UK Facilities for Bioenergy Science and Technology

Martin Jones and Chiu Tang, STFC


Industrial-academic collaboration in bioenergy

Brian McCarthy, KTN


Bioenergy in South Africa

Paul Adams, University of Bath


Questions & Answers for Session 4 then CLOSE


Poster Session with drinks reception
19:30 – Conference Dinner

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Project Manager, Laura O’Keefe on or 0161 275 4330.

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