SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Assembly 2016

  • 9:30 – 6pm
  • Thursday 17th November 2016
  • Sheffield, UK


The SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly 2016 will take place on Thursday 17th of November from 9:30-6pm. This year’s assembly is a closed event and is open to hub members only. To find out if you are eligable to attend, please check out the list of hub partners here.

If you would like to register for the assembly please email hub project manager – Laura O’Keefe ( by the 3rd of November.


Draft Agenda below (subject to change)

9:00 Registration with tea/coffee
9:30 START

Welcome and introduction – Patricia Thornley

9:40 Emissions from solid biomass combustion – Adam Harvey, Newcastle
10:00 Impact of feedstock parameters on airborne emissions – Jenny Jones, Leeds
10:20 Streamlining the supply chain – Ian Shield, Rothamsted
10:40 Carbon uncertainties in the supply chain –Patricia Thornley, Manchester
11:00                                                      Coffee break


11:20 Evaluation of synthetic natural gas – Marcelle McManus, Bath
11:40 Gasification integration – Adam Harvey, Newcastle
12:00 Torrefaction integrated assessment – Marcelle McManus, Bath
12:20 Bio-Cap –  Mohamed Pourkashanian, Sheffield
12:40 Bio-oil partial upgrading – Tony Bridgwater, Aston
1:00                                                      Lunch break 


2:00 Whole system analysis of novel biofuel technologies – Tony Bridgwater, Aston
2:20 Clean energy utilisation from biogas and biomass gasification- Xi Jiang, Lancaster
2:40 Bioenergy value chains: Whole systems analysis and optimisation – Nilay Shah,  Imperial
3:00 Development of fast pyrolysis based advanced biofuel technologies – Sai Gu, Surrey
3:20 Increasing energy yield from the integration of anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis – Tony Bridgwater, Aston
3:40                                                       Coffee break


4:00 Photocatalytic bioethanol production –  Linda Lawton, Robert Gordon
4:20 Clean energy from rice straw –  Craig Jamieson, IRRI
4:40 Measurement and analysis of bioenergy greenhouse gases (MAGLUE) – Gail Taylor, Southampton
5:00 Real time control of gasifiers to increase tolerance to biomass variety and reduce emissions – Ian Watson, Glasgow
5:20 Plasma/catalytic gas cleaning to deliver high quality syngas from the gasification of biomass –  Paul Williams, Leeds
5:40 Closing – Patricia Thornley
6:00 ENDS

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