Supergen Hubs ECR webinars

We’re inviting all early career researchers (ECR) involved in the Supergen Programme (further information below) to participate in a new cross-hub webinar series that will allow ECRs from all the Supergen hubs to connect and share their exciting projects. This will be a great chance to see what research is happening across the whole Supergen network and potentially find some new opportunities for cross-hub collaboration.

For the webinar, you will need to prepare a five-minute presentation of your Supergen work, bearing in mind that this will be presented to people outside of your discipline.

If you are interested in taking part in the webinar series, please email

We do not yet have a firm date for the first webinar but hope to have the first ~1-hour session in May/June. Once we have a list of interested presenters, we will make arrangements. We would like this to become a regular series, covering not just research, but other topics of importance to ECRs. If there is anything you would like to see covered, then please let us know.

ECR Champions, Supergen hubs

About the Supergen Programme

The Government, with UK research funding councils, has committed to furthering UK excellence in energy research through sustained funding of the Supergen Programme, which now represents one of the UK Government’s largest single investments in fundamental research on low-carbon energy generation, sustainable distribution and use.

The latest phase of the Energy Programme comprises five multidisciplinary research consortia:

These work to connect academia, industry, policy and public stakeholders, encouraging the transfer of knowledge and resources to support the development of sustainable energy systems in the UK and beyond.

About the hubs

Despite their vital importance to the UK’s energy sector, industry and society, there is no current whole systems approach to studying the interconnected and interdependent nature of energy network infrastructure and the challenges it faces. The Supergen Energy Networks Hub will establish a vibrant, well-connected, diverse, open and communicative energy networks community with a deeper understanding of whole systems approaches to energy networks.

The Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub provides research leadership to connect academia, industry, policy and public stakeholders, inspire innovation and maximise societal value in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

The SuperSolar Hub is a complementary mix of researchers within the photovoltaics (PV) field in the UK, with internationally recognised expertise. By working together and engaging with industry, the SuperSolar Hub has played a crucial role in the development of perovskites as exciting Third Generation PV materials that are now on the cusp of commercial realisation.

Research within the Supergen Bioenergy Hub looks at the whole bioenergy chain, examining the characteristics and potential of different biomass and feedstocks, developing pre-treatment and conversion processes and identifying the best ways to deliver bioenergy. It also takes a holistic view of energy systems, assessing the role and impact of bioenergy on them and on related sectors. The hub’s research is underpinned by strong engagement with industry, policy and societal stakeholders.

The Supergen Energy Storage Network+ connects and serves stakeholders across the whole energy community, advancing and championing UK energy storage research and deployment. Driven by a multi-disciplinary investigator team and a well-established and growing base of expert members, Supergen Network+ will convene the energy storage community across discipline to enable it to grow, to flourish and to strengthen its leading position in the sector.

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