Supergen webinar: What are the social impacts of the move to net zero?

The research networks of the EPSRC Supergen Programme hosted a webinar as part of EPSRC Engineering Net Zero Week, exploring the social aspects of the drive to net zero from the different hub perspectives (bioenergy, offshore renewables, energy networks, energy storage, solar and hydrogen).

Discussions went beyond the environmental impacts of net zero to look at the economic and social implications, raising topics such as decentralised energy, rural communities, the impact of new industry and infrastructure, energy and fuel poverty, governance, jobs and just transition.

Presentations and panel

Mirjam Roeder, Aston University, Supergen Bioenergy Hub
Furong Li, University of Bath, Supergen Energy Networks Hub
Philip Sandwell, Imperial College London, Supergen SuperSolar Tim
Mays, University of Bath, Supergen H2FC Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Deborah Greaves, University of Plymouth, Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub
Xinfang Wang, University of Birmingham, Supergen Energy Storage Network
Jenny Cooper, Supergen High Level Group, EPSRC

Panel chair

Helen Stockton, National Energy Action


Further information

Supergen Bioenergy Hub
Supergen Energy Networks Hub
Supergen SuperSolar
H2FC Supergen (Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Hub)
Supergen Offshore Renewable Energy Hub
Supergen Energy Storage Network

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