Survey now open: Assessing the sustainability implications of bioenergy

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub have developed a new ‘bioenergy sustainability indicator model’ that is designed to allow the assessment and comparison of bioenergy systems, resources, technologies and supply chains in a flexible manner.

This model is important as bioenergy is the UK’s leading renewable energy source and is widely targeted by governments around the world to provide future low carbon power, heat and transport fuels. However, as the scale of bioenergy increases, risks and concerns about sustainability also increase, therefore new methods and tools are required to validate sustainability performance.

The model was developed in collaboration with academics, industry and government, each of whom have contributed to the identification of over 100 sustainability issues relevant to bioenergy. These issues are structured within a framework of sustainability indicators, categorised within four overarching groups: People, Development, Natural Systems and Climate Change.

We have developed the following survey to gain insights and feedback from the wider bioenergy and energy community, which aims to:

  • Identify the issues that should be prioritised to ensure the sustainability of bioenergy.
  • Identify sustainability impacts and benefits relevant to different biomass resources, bioenergy technologies and energy options.

We are interested in hearing your views and we need your help to validate the Hub’s new ‘bioenergy sustainability indicator model’. The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete and can be done anonymously if preferred.

The link to the survey can be found here.

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