UK Miscanthus Growers in Profile

‘Expanding the Miscanthus market in the United Kingdom (UK): Growers in profile and experience, benefits and drawbacks of the bioenergy crop‘ is a new journal article authored by Rebecca von Hellfeld, Aberdeen University, Supergen Bioenergy Hub experts Anita Shepherd and Astley Hastings, University of Aberdeen,  Iain Donnison, Aberystwyth University, and Rebecca Rowe, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology; and Jason Kam, Terravesta.

The article published by the GCB Bioenergy journal examines the current situation of Miscanthus growers in the UK, as well as establishing the needs that must be met to ensure the successful future expansion of Miscanthus growers. Anita Shepherd said:

“This survey gives voice to UK miscanthus growers, respondents have stated that miscanthus can be a solution to land issues and they like the reliable market it holds, but more information on the crop is required prior to the first season, and in order for the industry to thrive they felt it needs to better distribute the cost of its transport-to-processing network countrywide and give annual planting grants.”

The Growers Survey was presented by Anita Shepherd at the Supergen Bioenergy Hub Showcase on 7 September.

You can watch the video below by the GCB Bioenergy journal to find out more.


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