What next for UK biomass research? Implications of the UK Biomass Strategy

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub is delighted to host a one-day event on 28 September at Broadway House in London following the publication of the UK Biomass Strategy.

The strategy sets out the Government’s plans for the role of sustainable biomass in the net zero transition and will have implications for the whole biomass and bioenergy sector in the UK.  However, there are still challenges that must be overcome to support its delivery, and areas where further research and innovation will be required.

The event

This event will bring together stakeholders from across the UK biomass and bioenergy community to discuss the content of the biomass strategy and what it means for the UK and the biomass community, and in particular the implications for current and future research.

The day will include:

  • presentations highlighting key points and research needs within the strategy
  • discussions to reflect on the role of research in supporting the delivery of the aims of the strategy
  • outcomes to reflect how the research community can work together with industry and government to support the delivery of the strategy.

Who is it for?

  • Biomass and bioenergy researchers
  • Representatives from biomass and bioenergy industries (eg, growers or users of biomass of bioenergy systems)
  • Policymakers (civil servants, government workers, policymakers) working on biomass and bioenergy.


Due to high demand, we are runnning dedicated sessions for different stakeholders. We can only accommodate attendees in the allocated timeslot.

Industry and policy stakeholders only 10. 00-12.15: Industry session

Open to all attendees 12.15-13.30: Networking lunch

Academic and policy stakeholders only 13.30-16.30: Researcher session

If you have any questions, or are unsure which session you should attend, please email supergen-bioenergy@aston.ac.uk.

Register your place here.

More information

For more context and comment on the Biomass Strategy, visit our dedicated webpages.

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