Workshop series: Exploring bioenergy systems to 2050 and beyond

We are running a series of multi-stakeholder expert workshops across the UK in June and July to evaluate the potential, the changing role and the challenges of bioenergy deployment to 2050 and beyond – please use the links below to register.

The workshops will be a great opportunity to discuss the role of bioenergy in the future energy system and provide knowledge, ideas and thoughts to inform policy. We are looking forward to welcoming participants from all backgrounds who are interested in bioenergy supply chains, systems and beyond, including those working in social science, economics and policy.

Date and location of workshops

Past events:

About the workshops

Bioenergy and biofuels are key renewable technology options in the UK, which are currently used and are targeted for future development by the government in Westminster to help achieve its net-zero targets. Biomass resources can be used to deliver a wide range of low-carbon vectors such as bioheat, biopower, transport biofuels and bioproducts, including biochemicals that can be used to displace petrochemicals.

The Supergen Bioenergy Hub, the UK’s leading biomass and bioenergy research consortium, will be facilitating a series of workshops across the UK to evaluate the potential, the changing role and the challenges of bioenergy deployment to 2050 and beyond. The workshops will seek to engage with bioenergy, energy system and climate change experts from academia, industry and policy and wider stakeholders to assess:

  • What forms of bioenergy and biofuels will the UK require over the timeline to 2050 and beyond?
  • How big does the contribution from bioenergy and bioproducts need to be for the future UK energy system and bioeconomy?
  • What and how much biomass will be needed and how will this change?
  • What technologies and processes should be prioritised and how will that change over the timeline to 2050 and beyond?
  • What are the tipping points that will enable scale-up of sustainable bioenergy deployment?

The workshops will provide a valuable opportunity for engagement across the sector, and the findings will be published as a research output and reported directly to UK policymakers.


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