Evaluation of synthetic natural gas


To explore Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) potential across a range of feedstocks for AD, providing data on GHG, ecosystem and economic impacts.


Producing SNG from biomass could be a very effective way of decarbonising the heating sector.

This project takes a whole systems approach to evaluating the potential of SNG production from a range of feedstocks


The project will begin with an assessment of likely available and suitable agricultural feedstocks for anaerobic digestion (AD) by Rothamsted Research and Greenacres Energy.

Newcastle will then utilise their farm-based AD unit to examine the feasibility of some of the more unusual feedstocks, while Leeds will provide an international perspective to gauge wider applicability based on an AD project they are working on with partners in India.

Thermochemical production routes for SNG will then be developed, possibly using the ETI value chain model, with evaluation of greenhouse gas balances, ecosystems impacts and constraints and economic viability at different scales of operation.

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