Myth-busting paper ‘Is bioenergy carbon neutral?’

Supergen Bioenergy Hub has published the first in a series of papers addressing common themes in the media and public debate around bioenergy. The paper provides short scientific responses to questions raised on the theme of bioenergy and its carbon or climate impact.

The paper is an output of Supergen Bioenergy Hub’s public engagement strategy, following a media literature review and scoping exercise undertaken by Regina Siu, Aston University and Caspar Donnison, University of California, on behalf of the hub to explore the public debate around biomass energy.

Further themed papers on key topics identified across the media literature review will be published in the coming month on biodiversity, food vs.fuel, BECCS and Ecosystems. For more information please contact Rebecca Fothergill, Stakeholder Engagement Manager

In conjunction with the theme of carbon neutrality, Supergen Bioenergy Hub commissioned a short video with Senate Media to briefly explain the process of carbon balance. Watch the video below and link to our YouTube channel to view all our videos.

Want to know more? Download the full report.

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