Supergen Bioenergy Hub Case Studies Report: Developing the UK Bioenergy Sector to Enable the Transition to a Sustainable Bioeconomy and Low-Carbon Future

Welfle, A.; Röder, M.; Banks, S.; Bridgewater, A.V.; Donnison, I.; Chong, K.; Cooper, S.; Hallett, J.P.; Hardacre, C.; Holland, R.A.; McManus, M.; Rowe, R.; Thornley, P.; Heaton, C.

The vision of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub is to enable and stimulate the development of a sustainable UK bioenergy sector. This is supported through the Hub’s whole system research approach that encompasses all aspects of bioenergy expertise to identify pathways for delivering bioenergy with wider social, economic and environmental benefits. The Hub’s research also includes the development of innovative bioenergy technologies through the different technology readiness levels (TRLs) in order to deliver cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable energy. In this way, UK academics support policy and industry in identifying and characterising sustainable bioenergy systems that can be prioritised to provide power, heat, liquid and gaseous fuels, and value-added chemicals.


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