Poster presentations

Poster presentations made a significant contribution to the conference, complementing the themes addressed in speaker presentations. A selection of the presentations is available to download below.

Poster titles and presenters

Title Presenter Organisation
Using seawater and marine yeast to improve the productivity and reduce the water footprint of bioethanol

Abdelrahman Zaky

Abdelrahman Zaky University of Edinburgh
The role of bioenergy modelling in renewable energy research and policy development

Andrew Welfle

Andrew Welfle University of Manchester
Combined production of hydrogen and CO2 from biogas via sorption-enhanced reforming Antonio Geraldo de Paula Oliveira Institute For Energy Technology – IFE
Policy mixes for domestic biofuel industry value chains: a comparative analysis of the innovation effects of biofuel policies in Sweden and Finland Barbara Hedeler Chalmers University of Technology
Public attitude towards aviation bio-fuels: A pilot study findings Bing Xu Heriot-Watt University
Chemical-looping gasification for the production of biofuel Carl Johan Linderholm Chalmers University of Technology
Valorising Indian Municipal Solid Waste to produce Green Solvents

Daniel Chernick

Daniel Chernick University of Leeds
Air-Steam Gasification of Poultry Litter in a Bubbling Fluidised Bed Reactor

Daya Pandey

Daya Shankar Pandey Anglia Ruskin University
Biofuels for transport: Does it contribute in achieving Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) in Sweden and UK?
Dilip Khatiwada KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Fast Pyrolysis Lignin with Catalytic Vapor Upgrading for the Production of Alkyl-Phenols and Aromatic Dumitrita Spinu Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Optimizing process conditions for industrial lignocellulose degradation using a novel fungal enzyme cocktail Heidi Østby Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Rapid simulation of alternative processes Heinz A Preisig Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Sustainability of second generation palm-based ethanol production in Indonesia for transport sector in Sweden

Jagruti Thakur

Jagruti Thakur KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Effects of Mo-addition on Mn-based solid sorbents for high temperature desulphurization of biomass derived syngas

Jianyu Ma

Jianyu Ma Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Manganese-based solid sorbents for H2S capture: Theoretical and kinetic study Jianyu Ma Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Preliminary investigation of catalytic conversion of biomass-derived butyratesto bio-LPG hydrocarbons in hydrothermal media

Jude Onwudili

Jude Onwudili Aston University
CONVERGE: Carbon Valorisation in Energy-efficient Green Fuels

Luca Di Felice

Julien Meyer (Luca di Felice) Institute for Energy Technology
Hydrothermal Liquefaction Modeling of Lignin Using A Modified Shrinking-Core Model

Madhawa Jayathilake

K.G.R.M. (Madhawa) Jayathilake Universitetet I Agder
Detailed In-flame soot characteristics of diesel, HVO and FAME using extinction imaging

David Emberson

K.O.P. Bjørgen (David Emberson) Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Kinetic modelling and validation of entrained flow biomass gasifier for syngas production for FT-synthesis Koteswara Rao Putta Norwegian University of Science and Technology
H2 production for biorefinery by catalytic sorption enhanced steam reforming of biomass derived bio-oil Kumar R. Rout SINTEF Industry
Multifunctional catalyst induced cascade reaction of simulated bio-oil to high yield jet fuel range aromatic production Kumar R. Rout SINTEF Industry
Enhancing saccharification of Norway
spruce by optimizing LPMO activity in
enzyme cocktails
Line Degn Hansen Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Modeling Fischer-Tropsch kinetics for reactor design Ljubiša Gavrilović Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Numerical investigation of emissions from combustion of diesel fuels with glycerol addition using Stochastic Reactor Model

Michał Lewandowski

M.T. Lewandowski Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Forecasting Impact: a case study of bioenergy systems Marcelle McManus University of Bath
Enhancing enzymatic saccharification of Norwegian
spruce by 2-naphthol impregnation
Martin Østensen Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Stable Cu/C catalysts for selective hydrogenation of hydroxyacetone to 1,2-propanediol Martina Cazzolaro Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Evaluation of organosolv pre-treatment for effective fractionation of Norway spruce in a novel reactor Mihaela Tanase-Opedal and Øyvind Eriksen RISE PFI
Hybrid process of distillation and gas permeation for production of dehydrated ethanol Olaf Trygve Berglihn SINTEF Industry
Greening of fossil-fuel infrastructures from
biomass: The case of liquid biofuelsParaskevi Karka
Paraskevi Karka Chalmers University of Technology
Influence of oxygenated biofuels on the exhaust emissions and toxicity of PAH Paul Hellier University College London
Energy from Brewery Waste Poppy Cooney University of Leeds
Evaluation of H-factor on the delignification of Norway Spruce by organosolv pretreatment Prajin Joseph NTNU
Biogas upgrading via hydrogenotrophic
Radziah Wahid Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
CPFD simulations of air-blown biomass gasifier reactor Ramesh Timsina University of South-Eastern Norway
Systematic Modelling of the Production and Purification of Monomeric C5 Sugars from Wood Hydrolysates

Robert Pujan

Robert Pujan Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Coal liquefaction technologies for the
hydrotreatment of crude bio oils
Roman Tschentscher SINTEF AS
Foam flotation of Nannochloropsis Oculata Salihu Musa Newcastle University
Integrated framework for a comprehensive feasibility assessment of biofuel production technologies and their connections to the SDGs

Samira Garcia Freites

Samira Garcia Freites University of Manchester
LCA-based comparison of bio-based aviation fuel options

Samuel Cooper

Samuel Cooper University of Bath
Thermal conversion of inedible vegetable oils to aromatics

Sarah Asplin

Sarah Louise Asplin Aston University
Impact of blending high and low ash content feedstocks on the properties of fast pyrolysis bio-oil

Scott Banks

Scott William Banks Aston University
Biodiesel, biopetrol and ethanol from ley grass –  a life cycle assessment study with input data from pilot trials. Serina Ahlgren RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Optimization of lignocellulose-based substrates for sustainable production of lipids by oleaginous filamentous fungi Simona Dzurendová Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Process analysis of chemical looping gasification of biomass for FT-crude production with net negative CO2 emissions

Tharun Roshan Kumar

Tharun Roshan Kumar Chalmers University of Technology
St1 Cellunolix® lignin applications and commercialization Tom Granström St1 Oy i
Optimization of advanced biofuel production via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Umesh Pandey

Umesh Pandey Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Algae-based biomethane fuel purification and carbon sequestration

Uttam Roy

Uttam Roy Loughborough University
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