Presentations from 2017 Supergen Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly

Bioenergy theme: Resources

Chair: Chris Johnston, AFBI

Environmental impacts and GHG emissions from bioenergy systems – Mirjam Roeder, University of Manchester

How bioenergy can support global development – Julia Tomei, University College London

Bioenergy theme: Pre-treatment

Chair: Jason Hallett, Imperial College London

Pretreatment overview– Jenny Jones, University of Leeds

Torrefaction and its impact on environmental issues  – Marcelle McManus, University of Bath

Integration of Hydrothermal Carbonisation with Anaerobic Digestion: Opportunities for Valorisation of Digestate – Kiran Pamar, University of Leeds (to be made available shortly)

Bioenergy theme: Conversion

Chair: Katie Chong, Aston University

Plasma catalysis: a novel technology for bioengineering applications – Xin Tu, University of Liverpool

Real-time tar detection and control of Glasgow’s downdraft gasification test-bed system, Ian Watson, University of Glasgow (to be made available shortly)

Biomass combustion under oxy-fuel and post combustion carbon capture conditions  – Janos Szuhanszki, University of Sheffield

Bioenergy theme: Vectors

Introduction by Chair: Marcelle McManus, University of Bath

Thermo-catalytic reforming of waste biomass – Lais Speranza, University of Birmingham

CO2 adsorption using CaO and its potential integration with hydrogen , Chunfei Wu, University of Hull

Bioenergy theme: Systems

Introduction by Chair:  Rob Holland, University of Southampton

The implications of biomass resource uncertainties – Oliver Broad, University College London

Challenges and uncertainties of emission accounting frameworks – Andrew Welfle, University of Manchester

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