Technology demonstration projects

Each of these projects focuses on novel technology development that could significantly impact UK energy system sustainability.

Digitalisation and AI for AD

Led by Michael Short, University of Surrey

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Hydrogen from biomass gasification

Led by Paula Blanco-Sanchez, Aston University

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Biowaste electrolysis

Led by Jun Li, University of Strathclyde

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Hydrogen-BECCUS from waste

Led by Manosh Paul, University of Glasgow

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rDME for off-grid energy

Led by Ruoyang Yuan, University of Sheffield

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Bio-derived sustainable aviation fuels

Led by Spiridon Siouris, University of Sheffield

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Cross-cutting projects

These projects aim to provide cross-cutting information to advance sustainability performance.

Global indirect land use change (ILUC)

Led by Patricia Thornley, Aston University

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Biomass fractionation

Led by Jason Hallett, Imperial College London

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Bio-based and biodegradable chemicals

Led by Helen Sneddon, University of York

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Scaling up feedstock production

Led by Rob Holland, University of Southampton

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Biorefinery efficiency and scale-up

Led by Ian Watson, University of Glasgow

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Maximising sustainability trade-offs

Led by Mirjam Röder, Aston University

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Supergen Bioenergy Hub flexible funding research projects

The Hub delivers a diverse range of bioenergy research projects from fundamental science to engineering challenges, social responses to technologies, economic context and policy development.

Outputs from all of our core and funded research projects, including those from previous phases of the hub, can be found in the Outputs section.

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