The Vectors Topic Group looks at analysing and comparing  the relative performance and impacts of different bio-based vector options to supply energy services. The work is led by Marcelle McManus, supported by Andrew Welfle.

Vectors to be examined include:

  • Hydrogen
  • Transport fuels
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • Bio-SNG (bio-synthetic natural gas) and biomethane
  • Feedstocks

Analysis will take into consideration:

  • Greenhouse gases
  • Fossil fuel depletion
  • Environmental impacts
  • National and regional resilience
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Financial
Drivers of UK GHG emissions (2017)

The Vectors research will examine:

  • What are the counterfactuals – how else might these services be supplied in the future?
  • What characteristics should energy vectors exhibit?
  • How could different bioenergy and/or conventional vectors be effectively integrated?
  • What effect does the wider context have on the impacts of bioenergy options?
  • How do environmental impacts vary with time and location?
  • How do the benefits of different case studies (eg biomass gasification, biorefineries, power generation) compare to each other?

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