The SHARE Network provides an informal but professional interdisciplinary network of peers who are engaged in bioenergy research. We run workshops and seminars to support knowledge exchange, promote mobility of early career researchers and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The SHARE Network is open to all bioenergy PhDs, postdoctoral researchers and research fellows, or those of equivalent professional standing, belonging to formal partners of the Supergen Bioenergy Hub. If you are interested in joining SHARE, fill out the contact form below or email

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Committee Members 2023

Michael Gargaro
The University of Surrey and the University of Aberdeen Membership

Michael is a PhD candidate split between the University of Surrey and the University of Aberdeen, investigating the land sparing potential of vertical farming for supporting bioenergy with carbon capture storage deployment.

Prior to his PhD, Michael worked as a research analyst at LCAworks, performing lifecycle assessments.

Collette Larkin
University of Edinburgh Skills and Mentoring

Collette is responsible for identifying the soft skills the SHARE Network wants to develop and subsequently organising training workshops and events. Currently, Collette is a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh within the Institute of Materials and Processes. In partnership with Repsol, Collette’s research focuses on decarbonising transport through designing, developing, and testing hollow fibre-based adsorption systems for on-board carbon capture.

Before starting her PhD, Collette worked at Arup as a Graduate Fire Engineer, co-ordinating with a multidisciplinary engineering design team to develop fire strategies for projects across a range of sectors.

Dan Taylor
Aston University Programme Co-Chair

Dan is currently a PhD Researcher at the Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute, based at Aston University. His research focuses on the political economy of using biomass to achieve net zero, exploring the non-technical factors that impact the design of biomass policy, and subsequent effects on the success of biomass use in displacing fossil fuel use. Prior to this, Dan worked as the Stakeholder Engagement Manager for the Supergen Bioenergy Hub. Dan is currently Programme Co-Chair for the SHARE Committee.

Dan Abudu
Aston University Media and Engagement

Dan is the SHARE committee Media and Engagement Lead. Currently he is a research student at the Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute, Aston University working on the project “The Future of Forests in Sub-Sahara Africa”. He is focusing on geospatial-based methods for developing sustainable forest management models to improve forests (density, carbon stocks, health, economic value, etc), contribute to climate change mitigation targets and sustain forest biomass-based energy security.

Akshay Bagde
University of Glasgow Programme Co-Chair

Akshay holds the position of Programme Co-Chair for the SHARE Network. Additionally, he is pursuing a PhD at the University of Glasgow, focusing on the creation of hydrogen through a process known as BECCUS (bioenergy with carbon capture, utilisation and storage). His academic journey includes an MSc in Engineering and Management from the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. During this programme, he had the opportunity to engage in practical fieldwork in Penang, Malaysia, where he gained insights into methodologies for shaping policies.

With over seven years of experience, Akshay has been actively involved in the pursuit of environmentally friendly energy and transportation systems that aim to reduce emissions. He also briefly took on the role of Project Manager for a university-led feasibility study, which aimed to develop a comprehensive renewable energy solution for an island community.

In addition to his academic and professional pursuits, Akshay is working on a business venture (WasteReset) focused on CO2 capture, both before and after combustion processes. His diverse experiences and expertise reflect his commitment to a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

SHARE Ambassadors

Pranesh Kannappan-Karthikeyan
Loughborough University SHARE Ambassador

Pranesh holds a Master of Science degree in Civil and Geoenvironmental Engineering from Cardiff University. Currently, he is a doctoral researcher at Loughborough University – Water Engineering and Development Center Group; focusing on unlocking the potential of high lignocellulosic biomass to generate renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. Pranesh’s research also involves the use of novel microbubble plasma pretreatment technology to enhance the biogas production. He is passionate about developing innovative and sustainable methods for harnessing biomass’s energy potential, contributing to the transition to a greener future, and combining engineering principles with environmental awareness to address global challenges such as energy security and climate change, ultimately achieving the net zero target.

Mpho Thabang Rapoo
Aston University SHARE Ambassador

Mpho is the SHARE ambassador for Aston University and currently a PhD researcher based at the Energy and Bioproducts Research Institution at Aston. She is working on assessing the potential for bioenergy production from the thermal conversion of an invasive species in Botswana, through combining experimental and modelling approaches. She hopes her research would be used to advise policy makers and industrialists, mainly in developing countries on the economic feasibility of related technologies and the policy framework that would promote their development.

Robert Sait-Stewart
The University of Strathclyde Ambassador

Robbie is the SHARE ambassador for the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Based within the department of chemical and process engineering, his doctoral research focuses on the valorisation of wet biomass wastes via supercritical water gasification. He hopes to progress this novel technology by exploring themes such as CO2 utilisation, kinetic modelling, and process simulations.

Luned Roberts
Aberystwyth University

Luned is the SHARE Ambassador for Aberystwyth University. Currently she’s both the Project manager and researcher on the THREE C NWE Interreg at IBERS AU. Collaborating with partners and stakeholders within Wales, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Investigating prodcut development potential of Biochar/activated carbon derived from waste biomass and miscanthus. The aim is to contribute towards low carbon circular econonany with in the the agriculture/waste water/metalluragy and other sectors. Luned overall aim is to convert her studies to a research theses and publications.

Nathan Skillen
Queen’s University
Sarah Kakadellis
Imperial College London

Sarah is the SHARE ambassador for Imperial College London, where she hopes to enable more inter-department conversations. Her PhD investigates the suitability of biodegradable plastics in organic municipal waste treatment within the circular bioeconomy framework.

Muhammad Naveed Arshad
Aberystwyth University

Naveed is an ambassador and previous Chair of the SHARE network. Naveed is Post-Doctoral Modeler in Aberystwyth University. He is Gold Medalist and received his PhD from the Department of Agronomy at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan and his doctoral research was based in University of California, Davis-United States. After his PhD he worked as a National Consultant – Agro-Ecological Zoning in Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). His current position focuses on the agricultural productivity potential of Wales. He has vast experience of Climate Change Studies using Crop Modeling and Remote Sensing/GIS and land assessement/crop suitability mapping. He is very passionate about research on environmental issues, sustainability and socio-ecological resilience.

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